Capisette Review

Capisette Review

capisette reviewAnyone who has suffered with chronic edema or pitting edema knows that any information or product which can help the situation is a huge blessing.

My own experiences begin back in the mid 1990’s when I was sent to different doctors and specialists and also had to pay for expensive stress tests. And even after all that they could not tell me or agree on the best way to deal with my problems.

To an extent, I figured these problems with edema may be hereditary. Some other members of my family have had similar problems but not as severe as I had.

But during the different visits to these doctors and specialists, one of them did mention a product called ‘Capisette’. At the time, I did not take much notice but a few months down the line and with my situation not getting any better, I decided to find out more and try some.

What is Capisette?

This is a supplement that works with the body by making use of natural diuretic elements that exist in the  number of natural ingredients that it is created from. From what I could understand through my own research into Capisette, the success rate varies depending on the seriousness of the persons condition. According to the guidelines that come with the supplement, it should be used every day for at least 60 days. Some people have reported changes in a week or two and others say they had to wait a while longer than that before they could see any difference.

So what are the benefits of Capisette?

When looking for a treatment for edema, more and more people are turning to alternative therapies such as Capisette to help with the symptoms.

A product such as Capisette can help a person to feel better quicker and also aid to cut down on the number of side effects that edema will bring. Capisette is said to work with the body, helping to bring back the correct levels of fluid. It tries to achieve this by assisting the body to form a slow leakage of the excess fluids from the capillaries.

Is Capisette Safe?

As Capisette is a developed from a combination of natural ingredients, it is safe to take and there have been no reported side effects. Capisette employs a mix of nutrients to help a person gain relief from his or her adema, such as dandelion extract, horse chestnut, gingko biloba, and buchu extract. These herbs contain nutrients that have been used successfully for years to combat edema and are more than just a short term solution.

What to be aware of.

From all reports, Capisette is safe to use. But there are some people that this supplement may not be suitable for.To begin with, it is always worth taking the time to speak with your doctor before taking Capisette, especially if you have any other medical conditions or taking other prescribed medicine.

Capisette is also not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. And in the rare cases a child under the age of 6 is suffering from edema, he or she should not be given this supplement. In this case, a pediatrician should be consulted.
As Capisette has diuretic qualities, a person should not take this supplement if they have problems with dehydration or problems with the kidney.

But Does Capisette Work?

Yes, it really does. On a personal note, I used Capisette to combat the swelling I had in my ankles. And it did a great job in reducing and finally eliminating the fluid build up.

I followed the directions and took the supplement three times a day. However, after I started seeing results, I reduced my dosage to once a day and it seemed to work just as well.

If I go for a period of time without taking the supplement, I can feel the fluid begin to build up again. If this happens, I usually take it twice a day for 6 or 7 days. I find it best that once the swelling has gone down to take Capisette once a day as a maintenance dose.

This is what works for me and you may need to experiment with the dosage to see what works for you. But the bottom line is that Capisette does work. And if you don’t agree, you can always get your money back. But that is not something I have had to do.

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